Bluejackets rip Royals

Brayden Berg, Sports Writer

The Bluejacket football team knew it was going to be a tough game: they hadn’t beaten the Rogers Royals in eight years! However, the Royals were 0-2 coming into this game, while the Bluejackets were 2-0.

The Royals lined up for the opening kickoff and kicked it down the field; the Jackets returned it to the 27 yard line to start their offensive drive. The Bluejackets’ offense was looking strong driving all the way down to the 26 of the Royals until they were stopped by the seemingly difficult defense. The Bluejackets turned over the ball on the 26 yard line.

The Bluejacket defense stopped the Royals offense forcing a 3 and out resulting in a punt. The Bluejackets fumbled on their first play of the drive. The Royals once again went 3 and out resulting in a 40 yard punt. Multiple turnovers and punts finished out the first quarter with a score of 0-0.

At the start of the second quarter the Bluejacket QB Brody Nelson threw a 15 yard touchdown pass to Dylan Jones. They tried to go for the two point conversion but were unsuccessful, making the score 6-0 in the Bluejackets favor. Then the Royals drove down the field and scored. The P-A-T is kicked and was good. The score now 6-7 in the Royals favor. That’s how the score remained until halftime.

The Royals received the kickoff after the half and started their drive at the 20 yard line. The Bluejacket defense forced the Royals to punt. This went back and forth for the duration of the third quarter. The score remained 6-7, Royals.

The Royals made it down to the 13 yard line of the Bluejackets and they line up for a field goal. The kick is blocked and the Jackets get the ball on their own 15 yard line. They drive all the way down to the 25 yard line of the Royals but were unsuccessful, turing the ball over on downs. The Royals went 3 and out and the Jackets got the ball back on the 38 yard line.

That drive ended after eight plays due to a fumble. The Royals went 3 and out again because of the strong Bluejacket defense. They got the ball back and had a nice offensive drive that resulted in a go ahead touchdown run by Levi Wilkins. The two point conversion was good, making the score 14-7 Bluejackets.

The Royals returned the kickoff to the 38 yard line starting what turned out to be their last chance to make a statement in this competition. Their last chance came to an end, and the Jackets got the ball back. It took the Bluejacket offense two plays to score insurance points against the Royals. Jackson Lindberg put an exclamation mark on the victory by drilling the extra point making the score 21-7 Bluejackets.

The game ended on the kickoff when Ryley Nelson stripped the ball out of the returner’s hand leading the Bluejackets to line up in victory formation. They beat the Rogers Royals for the first time in 8 years!