CIHS Boy Band to release album this summer.


First there was Elvis, then the Beatles, finally came New Kids on the Block, but none of these musical acts can measure up in the pure pandemonium of anticipation surrounding the July release of the second album from the Humbert Trio. This Summer looks to be a dawning of a new age in music.
After the debut hit single “Tiptoe through the Tulips” skyrocketed to number one on the Billboard charts it looked as though the three brothers were destined for greatness.
“I’ve never heard someone sing falsetto like the Humbert Trio. Their golden pipes could make the Bee Gees jealous,” said Sunnyside Records Executive Paul Blart.
Ironically, the Humbert Trio’s falsetto singing has drawn comparisons to Tiny Tim, the Bee Gee’s and the Spice Girls.
It’s almost impossible to pin down the brothers with just one type of musical genre. Their music draws from a variety of styles including pop rock, boy bands, and dubstep.
“I’d like to delve into hip hop but we’ll have to see where that goes,” said eldest Trio member Kyle Humbert.
Kyle, is a soon to be CIHS graduate, while Tanner Humbert is a sophomore, closely followed by Freshman Jake Humbert.
The Humberts receive so much fan mail that there has been talk of a post office substation being set up in their front yard.
“We all receive mail for different reasons,” Kyle explained. “Tanner is best known for doing the Tanner Twist. It’s a move that drives the fans crazy.”
Jake is known for having the silky smooth pipes of the three and it’s been rumored that his melodic voice has brought tears to millions with his love ballad, “Puppy Love.” The song had just the right amount of tenderness, then add Kyle and Tanner’s background howling and the song is destined to be an all-time classic that kids will be singing a half century from now.
Kyle is best known for bringing his martial arts background to the stage and was instrumental in adapting the group’s second number-one hit song “Kung Fu Fighting”.
“The fans loved it when I did the double-cobra, hidden dragon death punch at the end of the song,” Kyle added. “In fifth grade I started in Karate and my brothers whined until they got to take lessons too.”
It turns out that Tanner’s favorite technique is the “run, yell, tell” method.
The world-wide tour begins in July and will include concerts in New York City, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Stanchfield.
“No place is too large or too small for the Humbert Trio,” Tanner said proudly.
The albums are available everywhere. You can buy them in most Burlington Coat Factory parking lots.
Another unique trademark of the Humbert Trio is when they blend two songs into one song. It’s impossible to think that anyone could ever top the expert mixture of Mr Sandman and Enter Sandman. True genius at work.
The only thing that would have made the Humbert Trio any better would be having a fourth brother so they could tackle the Barbershop Quartet circuit. Imagine how many nursing homes would be delighted to have this foursome cranking out the classics during an ice cream social.