Weird Facebook Groups

Jennie Parsons, Arts & Entertainment Editor

The internet is a weird place. Everyone who has a phone with WiFi access or a home computer can agree. A person can connect with so many people with similar interests or senses of humor. On Facebook especially, there are many weird groups and events. For example, there is a page just for people who “hate it when you open your fridge and get punched by a bear.” And there is another page for sneezing (and cake advertising?)  There are other pages made just for fun, like “Driving like a normal person on GTA V” that has very little posts, but still exists. My personal favorite, is “Badly Stuffed Animals,” a page dedicated to horrible taxidermy jobs that result in hilarious content.

There are crazy events being made, that make absolutely no sense whatsoever. There is “Sneak into Iowa and steal all their corn” on September 27th at midnight (in case you’re interested. The news board does not take responsibility for any illegal actions performed by the readers) while at the same time, we have to distract Iowa so they can’t stop us from stealing their corn. Iowa has retaliated by threatening to “Sneak into Minnesota and steal their 10K lakes.” So we all must take action! We have to weigh down our lakes with rocks so people can’t steal them (on Oct. 5th!) If you’re near the Stone Arch Bridge on August 18th, 2018, there is a Naruto Run. Also at the Stone Arch Bridge on Oct. 7th, you can yell “ME HOY MINOY” like Doodlebob from Spongebob.

I think there should be a support group for those who were born too late to see their favorite bands live. There should be an event where Minnesota can scream the lyrics to “Coma” by Guns N Roses to the world. There could be a bake a loaf of bread for Brian May Day.

The internet can be used for so much good. A person can find any information they need. They could learn a new language, and plan a trip to a foreign country. But for now, let’s keep being weird.