Construction is here!


Carter Fournier, Staff Writer

This summer a number of road construction and transportation infrastructure projects will begin throughout Minnesota and in Isanti County. The most obvious ones in our local area is the continued renovation of HW 65. Construction crews began resurfacing highway 65 in July of last year and according to MN DOT construction will end on June 1st 2018. The resurfacing project runs from 14.5 miles south of Isanti to 3 miles north of Cambridge some of the project particularly in Cambridge is done or finishing up.
Also the city of Cambridge began work on Highway 95 between Fern Street and Dellwood Street a detour is in order for at least 3 weeks in June Construction is scheduled to end October 1st 2018.
In Mora, construction will begin to resurface HW 23 from highway 65 to highway 107 and is scheduled to begin in July and end sometime in September 2018.
There is also a project to replace several intersections on highway 65 with new Reduced Conflict Intersections that is said to improve safety by reducing fatalities by T-bone crashes. In this system Drivers always make right turns and then a U-turn. They are not allowed to cross traffic by making a left turn. The U-turn is used to get you in the other direction. The design is interesting and definitely not like what most people are used to at least in this area. According to MN-Dot this intersection will generally cause less of a delay than a traditional traffic light intersection. This project will include the intersection of 187th avenue and Highway 65 in East Bethel which will begin construction in July 2018 and end Oct 2018 and also the intersection of Highway 65 and Viking Blvd. which will begin construction in 2019.
Also the city of Princeton will construct a new roundabout at higyhwayy 95 and county road 157. The roundabout project will begin April 2018 and end in August. These projects are just some of the projects happening our area. These projects will likely cause delays while under construction.