Engaged with Pearl Jam


Julia Pendergast, Student Editor

Over the summer of 2018 two of CIHS very own teachers got engaged! Ms. Hastings and Mr. Weibel got engaged at the most unlikely place. A Pearl Jam concert. In an interview with Hastings I found out all about this exciting event and how it all started.
How did you and Mr. Weibel meet/ get to know each other?
“I met Weibel my first year teaching here. We had the same lunch and became good friends. He was the only guy at a lunch full of women and could always make us laugh. I never thought of him as anything more than a friend for the longest time until Mrs. Swanson one day said, “you should date Weibel”.
How long had you been dating before he proposed?
“We dated for 2 years before he proposed”
Why a Pearl Jam concert? Do you both like the band?
“Weibel is a HUGE Pearl Jam fan so as you can imagine we listened to them A LOT while we dated. Many songs remind us of each other and we both love music so I suppose that’s why he chose the concert.”
Were you expecting him to propose or did he totally surprise you?
“We had talked about getting engaged a bit. But I thought it would be a little while still”. How did you feel when you were at the concert and being proposed to? “I was completely shocked. It was the last night of our vacation in Seattle, the last song in the concert and he started talking and in my head I’m like why are you talking right now and then I realized oh my gosh it’s happening! He pulled out the ring and it was one of the happiest moments of my life. When I think about it now it still seems surreal”.
I think my favorite part of engagement stories is the reaction. The feeling that they try to describe whether it was pure happiness or otherwise… it is still truly a wonderful hilarity that I think brings a smile on most everyone’s face. To bring this story to a sweet end here are some of Hastings favorite things about Weibel.
What is you favorite thing about Weibel?
“That’s a tough question. Maybe his ability to grow a great beard. Lol, just kidding. I guess there isn’t just one thing but he has a way of making my life so much better by just being in it.”
If money was not a problem what kind of wedding would you like and where?
“If we didn’t have to worry about money I’d pay someone else to plan a beautiful wedding. That way we could just show up and have a good time!”
What is your favorite thing to do with Weibel?
“My favorite thing to do with Weibel is to go up to my cabin where we fish, listen to music and talk in an exaggerated Minnesotan accent.”