The do’s and don’ts of Spirit Week

Hope Anderson, Staff Writer

The do’s and don’ts of spirit week

Hey, students of Cambridge-Isanti High School, we’re back with another year of the newspaper. I’m a new writer, so I hope to kick it off with a good start.
We all know that spirit week is this week, what with all the required Schoology reading we’ve been forced into. With that comes a lot of mixed emotions, excitement and boredom, happiness and disinterest, etc. Along with that, we’re also high schoolers which means we SHOULD be a bit more responsible than we were in elementary school, hopeful thinking on my part right?
I’m here to tell you some basic, realistic do’s and don’ts of spirit week. Let’s start on a positive note, the Do’s.
Most obvious first, do dress appropriately. I know crop tops and skin-tight clothing were all the rage in the 80’s and 90’s but unless you want teachers to show up like that… you probably shouldn’t. Along with that swear words and shirts that promote illegal behavior should be left at home. I know, I sound like a teacher, but we should have gotten to the point where we know breaking laws and rules don’t make us cool.
Do go all out, because otherwise what’s the point? Seniors and freshmen especially because it’s your last and first-year respectively. Seniors, this may be your last spirit week, do you want to go out being lame? leave an impression and freshmen make an impression. though sophomores and juniors are not to be ignored, this may not be your last or first year but show everyone that these two grades won’t be outdone.
With all this fun comes some responsibility. I know when you get in the spirit it’s hard to restrain yourself but just as with certain aspects of the dress code, rules still need to be followed. Do remember to follow rules and bring no weapons, real or fake, no drugs, alcohol or any other illegal substances. I feel like this paragraph feels pretty self-explanatory and unnecessary but with everything going on in our world I couldn’t be sure.
Don’t be dumb or offensive. We all know that things aren’t always perceived how they’re meant so think carefully of your outfit, that’s not to say don’t be you, just keep in mind people don’t have all the same beliefs and mean and offensive language or clothing probably won’t be met well.
Don’t be scared to dress up for every day. days that aren’t your favorite should be celebrated just as much as those that aren’t. everyone should be showing off a bit of their weird side, cause we all have one, so let yours shine.
Again I don’t think I should have to say this but, I will, just to be on the safe side. Don’t forget you’re in high school. You’re not 21 at a club or 1 1/2 sitting at home in a diaper. Acting your age may be a bit too far out of reach for some of you so please just remember that you’re in high school. don’t start acting like your the boss or that you need to babies.
Have a good spirit week, have a great homecoming game and have an amazing homecoming dance.