Stranger Things is a popular Netflix series


Brennan Poole, Staff Writer

The Netflix series Stranger Things kicks off with a scene of Dustin, Mike, Will, and Lucas playing a role playing game called D&D. The next morning, after they all went home, Will is missing. No one realizing just how much he is in trouble. Except maybe, for his fierce mom who will stop at nothing to find her son. Later that night, the boys go out looking for him (against their parents’ orders) and instead find a girl named Eleven. From there the season twists into a plot of mystery, other-worldly creatures, and magic. The first season made many standards as it went viral, shocking all the viewers.

Who were the main characters? Mike Wheeler, Lucas Sinclair, Dustin Henderson, and Will Byers. At the age of twelve, the stress of school and battling monsters from the upside-down must have been a lot to handle. The stage was set in a small town called Hawkins, with an estimated population of 30,000. Hawkins most days was raining, or if not raining, fog-covered every inch of the sky.

What is the upside-down world? Many questions crossed our minds as we wondered exactly what the upside-down was. Was it a world with giant mushrooms sprouting from the ground? Or maybe the sky was pitch black and lifeless. As Dustin compares it to the “Vale Of Shadows”, of Dungeons and Dragons lore. Mike’s notes on the Vale refer to it as “a dimension that is a dark reflection, or echo, of our world”. From our perspective, it’s a world filled with grotesque creatures that want you dead. Thank you, next.

Who was Eleven? Eleven was a baby taken from her mother when she was born. Growing up with otherworldly powers forced her to become the compounds experiment. As she grew, her powers did too. She was given the name Eleven because she was the eleventh child to be taken. The group found Eleven, when she was twelve, after she had escaped from the building, crawling through the sewers to free herself.

What hooked me to this otherworldly tale is the monsters. Although, some would call them cute. The Demogorgon’s are a real handful to watch out for, especially when they can divide themselves up into multiple monsters. Elevens’ powers are a big hook as well. Without El, what would Stranger Things be? A tale about four kids chasing monsters around without a clue of what to do.

Another major point of view is the mother, Joyce Byers. This fierce mom won’t give up without a fight. Even with questions floating around and Christmas lights being bought, she never gives up and persists to find her missing son. Even if it sounds crazy.

Who would have thought that the D&D playing bunch would turn out at being great monster hunters? Not me. At first, I don’t think most of us could have predicted the turn of events. The mysteries of the missing children and the Demogorgon’s kept me up watching more. Mix all of that in with a hint of romance and you’ve got the perfect show. I don’t think anyone can wait for season four to come out.