Coronavirus Article Update

Dylan Yaggy, Staff Writer

Now that everyone’s familiar with what COVID-19 is, we need to talk about social distancing and what should be believed. With cases hitting three million in the U.S.the government has to figure out how to drop that number. For anyone uncertain what exactly COVID-19 is or would like a partial timeline of what has happened should check out my previous COVID-19 article.
As many of us know, on April 23rd Governor Walz announced schools will remain closed until the end of the school year and most of the stay-at-home restrictions will still be in place. These decisions and restrictions are to keep us social distancing. The golden rule of social distancing is 6-feet apart, but do you know why?
Six feet is the distance that large droplets from a cough or sneeze will travel before dropping. While it would be better for you to be farther away, six feet should be the minimum distance between you and another person. A good way to stay safe is to act as if everyone could have have the Coronavirus, wash your hands frequently, don’t touch your face, touch only what you are going to buy at the grocery store (or other stores).
Social distancing helps limit the spread of the disease which helps decrease cases. Symptoms take some time to pop up, so if you believe you could’ve been in contact with the disease, make sure to stay in self-quarantine and report to hospitals if you develop symptoms.
With so much news about COVID-19 being coming out every day it can be confusing on what’s true and what is not. To start it off simple, as of writing there is no is vaccine for the disease, but scientists and doctors are working on one. All the theories, while always enjoyable to read, of it being used as a bio-weapon isn’t at all true. This is a case of a disease overflow event (which is when a disease from animals transmits to humans). The disease is able to spread in all climates which makes washing your hands the most effective way to kill it.
One doesn’t have to worry about touching packages either. The packages have been moving around for many days and are in different climates and temps making the chance of getting COVID from it low. The last one is do not, at all costs, do not consume rubbing alcohol, bleach, or disinfectants! All of these can kill or seriously mess you up when consumed.
With these interesting times not seeing an end any time soon please try to keep yourselves entertained and reach out to people you care about, they’ll appreciate that greatly.

The world statistics at the end of editing this article (April 27th):
Cases: 3,045,067
Recovered: 916, 150
Deaths: 210,282