Liberty interviews CIHS students about life during quarantine

Liberty Eastlund, Staff Writer

Q: What is the worst thing about the stay-at-home order?

Jill O.N 9th: Not being able to see people and or leave the house.
Brady B 9th: Not being able to hang out with friends
Taylor S 10th: not seeing my friends.
Emma B 10th: I think the worst thing about all this is you lose the order everyone’s use too. We have been so used to something.
Alisha 12th: Not being able to see my friends.
Maddie J 12th: The worst thing about the stay-at-home order is not seeing friends and family.

Q: What is the best thing about the stay-at-home order?

Jill O.N 9th: Having more time at home to try out new hobbies.
Brady B 9th: Nice to have a lot of free time
Emma B 10th: The best thing about this is the fact that you can somewhere you feel comfortable.
Taylor S 10th: being able to do stuff whenever I want.
Alisha 12th: spending time with my family.
Maddie J 12th: I guess the best thing about the stay-at-home order is sleep?

Q: Have you been doing more between cleaning around the house or more dishwashing?

Jill O.N 9th: More cleaning around the house.
Brady B 9th: Not as much house cleaning but a lot of yard work
Emma B 10th: For sure more dishwashing.
Taylor S 10th: cleaning around the house.
Alisha 12th: neither.
Maddie J 12th: I’ve been doing more cleaning.

Q: What do you like about distance learning?

Jill O.N 9th: It’s fairly laid back and you have a lot of time to get things done.
Brady B 9th: I can be comfy and lay in bed during school
Emma B 10th: I do like that you can chat with your teachers if your struggling still, and no one needs to know you asked for help.
Taylor S 10th: I don’t like it at all.NOTHING.
Alisha 12th: I think we get more freedom I feel like.
Maddie J 12th: I guess I like being able to work on things at my own pace on Tuesdays and Thursdays and being able to ask questions if needed.

Q: What do you miss about regular school?

Jill O.N 9th: Being there in person and seeing friends.
Brady B 9th: Seeing my friends every day at school
Emma B 10th: I miss seeing people the most, I also miss the schedules. Having stuff already planned out for your day, always different too.
Taylor S 10th: Seeing teachers and classrooms and seeing friends.
Alisha 12th: seeing my friends in between classes and going to school events.
Maddie J 12th: I miss all my friends, but also miss all the things seniors get to do.

Q: What class has been the easiest for you?

Jill O.N 9th: They are pretty much the same when it comes to difficulty.
Brady B 9th: Health class
Emma B 10th: I’d have to say Algebra has been the easiest for me.
Taylor S 10th: Spanish class.
Alisha 12th: Math surprisingly
Maddie J 12th: The easiest class for me has been either Spanish 3 or Field Ecology.

Q: Have you done anything appearance-wise? (Dying hair, cut hair, etc)

Jill O.N 9th: Dying my hair
Brady B 9th: Nope.
Emma B 10th:I’m doing makeup a lot to test new looks. I wish to cut my hair sometime.
Taylor S 10th: nope.
Alisha 12th: I’ve done more personal care
Maddie J 12th: I have not done anything different appearance-wise.

Q: Have you been working out more or less?

Jill O.N 9th: I don’t work out.
Brady B 9th: Working out more.
Emma B 10th: Less working out. I got my activity by walking around school.
Taylor S 10th: more, I go on walks every day.
Alisha 12th: more
Maddie J 12th: I have been working out a little less.

Q: What good habits have you started?

Jill O.N 9th: I don’t have an answer for that one haha
Brady B 9th: Having more family time
Emma B 10th: I started eating a bit healthier, made my own schedule.
Taylor S 10th: walking.
Alisha 12th: exercising
Maddie J 12th: I have started paying attention to my body more.

Q: Have you developed any bad habits?

Jill O.N 9th: My sleep schedule is kinda bad now.
Brady B 9th: I’ve been Lazier
Emma B 10th: I’m not really motivated to get out of bed due to not having to get dressed up for school and such.
Taylor S 10th: not doing my laundry on a regular basis.
Alisha 12th: keeping my feelings to myself
Maddie J 12th: I have started going to bed later.

Q: What is your favorite stay-at-home order activity?

Jill O.N 9th: Drawing or gardening
Brady B 9th: Playing video games
Emma B 10th: I’ve painted a lot since we started the Stay-At-Home order.
Taylor S 10th: Roleplaying/cosplaying.
Alisha 12th: watching TV shows
Maddie J 12th: My favorite activity is watching movies.

Q: Are you afraid of getting COVID-19?

Jill O.N 9th: Not really no
Brady B 9th: No
Emma B 10th: I’m not afraid of COVID-19. Just cautious.
Taylor S 10th: No.
Alisha 12th: No.
Maddie J 12th: I am not really afraid, just hoping that washing my hands and stuff will help.

Q: Do you know anyone who has had the disease?

Jill O.N 9th: Nope
Brady B 9th: No I do not
Emma B 10th: I don’t know anyone who may have or had it.
Taylor S 10th: No.
Alisha 12th: Not at the moment.
Maddie J 12th: This old man from my church has the disease and is getting better.

Q: Are your parents going to work or are they staying at home?
Jill O.N 9th: My mom still goes to work.
Brady B 9th: My dad goes to work and my mom stays at home
Emma B 10th: Both, sometimes they need to run into work. Other times they stay home working.
Taylor S 10th: work. My parents are all essential.
Alisha 12th: They are staying at home
Maddie J 12th: My parents have done both, but mostly stay home.

Q: Do you have to babysit younger siblings during the day? If so, what are your duties (help with homework, cook food, etc.)
Jill O.N 9th: I have younger siblings but I don’t really babysit. They take care of themselves for the most part. I’m there if they need something though.
Brady B 9th: No
Emma B 10th: I do not have to babysit my siblings, Thank goodness.
Taylor S 10th: Yes, we just have to make sure they are doing good things and getting homework done.
Alisha 12th: No I do not
Maddie J 12th: I don’t have to babysit a younger sibling because my brother is old enough to care for himself and he has school at the same time as I do

Q: Did your family ever run out of toilet paper?
Jill O.N 9th: Nope!
Brady B 9th: No we haven’t
Emma B 10th: Not once have we ran out!
Taylor S 10th: No we haven’t thankfully.
Alisha 12th: I honestly don’t know
Maddie J 12th: No, we did not run out of toilet paper.