Sabrina Busby joins CIHS


Chloe Jones, Student Editor

Let me start by saying how excited I am to be a teacher at CIHS! I could not think of a better school to start off my first year of teaching at. While I am not an alumni of CIHS, I do love being a part of this community; I am actually a graduate of St. Michael Albertville High School, which is my hometown area! Even though it’s two towns, they might as well be one! I started my college experience at University of Wisconsin Superior as an Elementary ed. major with a Special ed. minor, but switched to St. Cloud State University so I could be a Special ed. major. Growing up there were many teachers who impacted my life journey and showed me how important teachers are to our society; which only grew my passion for kids even more. Why special education you may ask? Well, I was a Personal Care Assistant (PCA) in high school for two teenage boys; one had ADHD and Asperberger’s and the other had Bipolar Disorder and Tourette’s. Those boys changed my life forever, and they are still a huge part of my life to this day! Personally, my favorite part of teaching is the “AW-HA” moment; this is when students have been struggling to grasp a concept and then after trying different approaches for teaching it, they suddenly start to get it. That moment is always a bundle of overpowering emotions from both myself and my students!

As far as my home life, I do not have any kids yet, but I do live with three German Shorthair Pointers and they are enough for now, but they are my roommates pets. My favorite hobbies outside of work include photography, hiking, and traveling. My favorite season is Summer because I love to sit pool side with my family and friends, but I also love Fall because it is beautiful and makes for great pictures! My bucket list is full of all the places I want to visit around the world, but the top one is Skydiving; you will come to know me as an adrenaline junky and this is something I have been interested in trying for many years and hope to do soon! I love taking vacations, but my favorite would probably be when I went to Florida with my family a few years ago. I know florida may not sound that extravagant, but I am a Disney fanatic and I got to visit Disney World for the first time. Trust me, it won’t be my last time either! If I had to describe myself in three words they would be: outgoing, passionate, and understanding!