Note to Freshman: School is different this year!


Liberty Eastlund, Staff Writer

Hey Freshman! High school is a very fun place to be for some people, while for others it might not be. You just have to find your fit. There are normally many clubs and activities you would be able to join. High school is a place where you can make many memories and new friendships. Let’s look deeper into what high school “Normal”” was.


So first off, because of Covid-19 there are many clubs that are still happening but others have not started yet. Some of the clubs that you can join in High School include SAGA, Theatre, Speech, Model UN, Art, and many more. Some of these have started, others haven’t. We as the school have been trying (and found) some ways for clubs to happen.


Secondly, there are many sports that may/may not happen. Some of these sports include Softball/Baseball, Hockey, Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Swim and dive, Cross Country, and more. These sports can be very fun but how, if I may ask, will they happen? Many professional sports have figured out ways to make it safer and better in case someone in a team contracts Covid-19. In the football league the players and coaches have to wear bracelets that tell the health professionals who they have been by in case someone caught Covid-19.


Third, we usually have lockers and have time to say hi to our friends during passing time. This year due to Covid-19 we were not able to have lockers. It was very fun last year for me as a freshman finding out you were able to share a locker with someone if you had wanted to. I shared with a good friend of mine. It helped me because this friend of mine and I didnt have any classes together, so that would be how we talked to each other throughout the day. Now this year we have to find different ways to communicate with friends.


Lastly, Classes have also changed in quite a few ways, both for teachers and students. For teachers it’s changed how they teach by repeating every lesson two days in a row. They also have smaller classes so they can help each student more specifically to their needs. For students, It’s changed from 5 to 6 periods now. It’s also different with social distancing and having smaller classes. This year, classes are very unusual.