Speech is where it’s at!


Charlie Zortman, Staff Writer

Speech is a wonderful experience. You get to share your thoughts, your ideas, your opinions, and many other things. There are many different categories for you to choose from, so you can talk about whatever you want! Some people like to tell wondrous adventures with fairies and goblins! While some like to give speeches about politics, or world-wide issues. There are so many things to talk about out there! There are so many amazing reasons to join Speech, it’s hard to narrow it down to just three! 

Well, in Mr. Orvik’s words, “It is a blast and a great place to meet fun people” Speech is a fantastic experience. You can meet all kinds of different people and learn all about them. Personally, I have made many friends through Speech. There is so much fun to be had there! “It’s a very accepting group, people of any ability and interest can find acceptance in a speech group or a speech team” Like Orvik said, it’s a very accepting group. I know I, and many others, have found a home full of acceptance and love in the Speech team. Although, you don’t just get to know people from here. You can meet new people from all around the state!

“It teaches you great life skills” You can learn so much from Speech and the people there. You can learn how to speak in front of people, without as much fear or nervousness. You can learn how to enunciate properly, and how to express emotions. How to clearly convey what’s happening and paint a picture in the heads of the people you’re speaking to. Adding to what Orvik said earlier, “It is a place where people of any interest and any ability level can gather and make friends and gain confidence in life.” All of this is 100% true. You can make friends with people who have been in Speech for years longer than you have and still find some common ground. They can help prepare you for what’s coming in life, like getting a job, going to college, and paying rent. You don’t have to worry about fitting in or having a bad speech, because everyone in Speech has been there and everyone knows what it’s like being new. If you need help with something, all you have to do is ask for it.

“The variety of people who join speech and learn to work with, and enjoy, being around each other, not just from our school, but from schools all over the state. It’s an exciting and fun environment. I sincerely enjoy watching kids perform and grow.” It is indeed amazing how much you can grow and learn in Speech. It is such a fun environment to be a part of and learn from. There are so many people you can learn so much from. You can learn a countless amount of things from the judges, because many of them have been in Speech when they were younger and have come back to judge so they can see more and more people on their journeys through Speech. 

“Did I say it’s a blast?” Speech is such a blast, it is so much fun. There are so many wonderful experiences to be had in Speech, it’s impossible to count them. It’s just amazing how all different kinds of people from all different backgrounds can meet up and share a day together every week for a few months. Competition aside, it is such a great place, and all in all, just a welcoming home for all who join. I can and will call it my true home. Soon, I hope you will too.