Two Poems from Mircale

Two Poems from Mircale

Miracle Lacy, Contributing Poet

Adventure My favorite poem


I see the light I see the flowers I see the birds in the sky

I feel the cool breeze during summer time I run up the hills and lay in the sun

I sing while having lots of fun and then when the day is done a new adventure awaits

I swing from the trees in the forest swim with the elephants receil an alligator this is the life

this it my life it’s my dream to be an explorer to have new adventures everyday

that’s what I want to do right now I’m on lots of adventures everyday

and I don’t know if this is real or dream but what I do know is dream or reality

this is the life I want I grow old as an explorer and my kids will carry on

follow the path that they desire find out where they belong

they could act, sing, be an explorer like me

they could do anything but no matter where they go no matter what they do

one thing remains true life’s an adventure and it’s waiting for you


Epic poem/short story


Darkness and destruction disaster looms everywhere desert like city once filled with people, smile, laughter, noise, and hope now a barren desert their bodies lay along with buildings covered with sand, erosion, and of what little plants would grow. After walking through what I suppose most people would call a ghost town you see people but are quite surprised by what you see and  at the same time  it was expected. People acting like animals you have never put much thought into the words survival of the fittest, but now you knew without a doubt what it meant. In a place with a sky so clouded it looks like the ground, people in an animalistic state, and an earth so dead it looks like it’s lost its color. You call your friends and family to help you make a new earth “well well well seem we’ve got our work cut out for us” you hear your brother whistle “ let’s get to work” and you do. You get to work making this new earth and the people nothing like they’ve ever been before.