Never Ending Nightmare

Never Ending Nightmare

Miracle Lacy, Staff Poet

Never ending Nightmare


As the waves rise and crash against the beach leaves rustle in the wind

The waves wash away sandcastles foot prince and wipe the beach clean for new art

You walk along the beach shoes in hand you feel the comforting feeling of the sand in between your toes

And the waves brushing against you legs as you walk you find seashells, starfish, and crabs


For some recession the side waddle walk  of the crab reminds you of a penguin

You lay down on the beach arms and legs spread like your making a snow angel

As the little wave crash against you you feel relaxed and like you want to drift off to sleep

As you start to drift off you feel the small waves picking you up off the sand and carry you out to sea


Your body slowly starts to sink under water and your tail comes out once your completely submerged

You dive deep to see some animals look at the coral, see sharks hunting other fish

Watch as a crab changes its shell and a beautiful swarm of fish pass you

You fallow the fish and do down the middle of the swarm of fishes look like a underwater tornado


Once your done being enchanted by sea life you let the current of the sea take you home

You love traveling the current cuz you swirl and flip and rattle and rock you feel like your on a roller coaster

When you as close as the current takes you to home you swirl and flip so much you flip right out

you almost feel like your dreaming you see home and something doesn’t look quite right