The Bee Movie: An Undisputed Classic

The Bee Movie: An Undisputed Classic

Elijah Olson, Staff Writer

Bee Movie is one of those movies you can’t forget. Apart from its crude humor and questionable plot, it really is a classic and timeless film that can be found in every corner of Internet culture today. 

The movie follows Barry B. Benson (voiced by the hilarious Jerry Seinfeld) on his quest to be something different. After joining the “pollen jocks” on a mission outside the hive, he meets Vanessa Bloom, a New York florist. 

He talks to her, breaking the bee code. After forming this relationship, he finds that humans have been consuming and stealing honey, a bee commodity. He decides to take action by suing the human race in a court of law. He eventually wins, and the bees stop pollinating, which ends up destroying the ecosystem. He gets his hive back together, and they bring flowers to the world once again. 

That is a pretty brief explanation that glances over the hilarious characters of Montgomery, Adam, and of course Ken. And I think it is in the little nuances that this film shines. The entire meat of the plot centers around a court-room scene, a questionable choice by the writers. But somehow Bee Movie still manages to entertain the whole way through. While it may have a muddled message and poor organization, it is so funny and that’s all it needed to be. Every minute of this movie is packed with jokes, puns, and subtle nods that make me laugh every time. 

I think Bee Movie is a must watch. While it might not be a thrilling ride and the best movie of all time, it still ranks high on my list and one I would watch any day. It has a cult following to be sure, and its contribution to the meme economy is second to none. All in all, Bee Movie will forever be one of my favorites and an easy ten out of ten.