Why You Should Switch To Reusable Bags


Bre Danielson, Staff Writer

Why would someone use reusable bags over  plastic? Plastic bags are constantly ripping and aren’t  safe for the environment, causing greenhouse gases and  hazardous waste. If you start using reusable bags today,  you could help change the world and reduce hazardous  waste. 

When checking out, frequently asked, paper or  plastic? What they may not know is there’s a better  option out there, reusable bags. Some people have 

reasons why they use paper or plastic either they’ll  recycle them when they get home or use them to pick  up garbage around the house. But what they may not  know is plastic has many harsh consequences on the  environment. 

The United States produces an estimation of 42  million metric tons of plastic each year. Approximately  two-thirds of plastic in the world remains as pollution in  oceans or landscapes or microparticles in soil, air,  humans, and animals. Reusable bags have many  advantages lots of people don’t consider. A few of the  benefits would include environmental safety, extended  use time, durability, decrease in pollution, helping  protect wildlife, and saving money. 

From my perspective, buying a few reusable  bags could save you money. How? Around the United  States, stores are starting to have you purchase your  plastic bags. Over the year, you’re spending $20+ on  plastic bags plus however much you had to pay for your  groceries when you could be saving that money. 

Some people right now are probably still on  edge saying, they aren’t sure, and it could be a waste of  money. Well, how about you do a test run and compare  and contrast your options. In the end, write out a pro  and cons list saying why you like the item and why you  may not like it. 

If everyone started the switch to reusable bags,  it would be a start to a change in the environment  around the world. Start using reusable bags today and  help save the planet.