Nerdfest is alive and well at CIHS


Margaret Ayres, Staff Writer

Gamer’s Club, more affectionately known as Nerdfest, is a once-a-week club for many ongoing activities. For example, on Tuesdays after school, someone may find Smash Bros battles, Mario Kart races, and the occasional Halo battle playing out in the Media Center. In another corner, multiple groups roleplaying Dungeons and Dragons. This club is available to any student of Cambridge-Isanti High School for a one-time fee of five dollars. 

The Dungeons and Dragons section, D&D, has four groups at any one time playing out long, epic stories involving orcs, elves, and the occasional theft. Imagination is a huge part of the game, although maps, character markers, and whiteboards can help with visualization. All anyone needs to do is bring themselves, as the rules, dice, and character sheets are provided by the club or some people who run the D&D campaigns.

No worries if someone doesn’t know how to play because newbies are welcome to stay and learn. While some groups are closed to new players, multiple groups seek more people to join the adventures! The Dungeon Masters, who run the games and tell the stories, are excited to teach anyone willing to learn.

If roleplaying is not appealing, turn to the large TV in the lounge. There, one can find game systems hooked up with many games to choose from. Grab a controller and begin a battle in Mortal Kombat, or play one of the many racing games. Anyone can bring their games, systems, or controllers as they wish, but know that some are available already. A switch or Xbox will be available for use on any given day. The gaming section requires patience as people wait for their turn, but the wait is well worth it.

Besides video games, there are many card and board games available too! Grab a deck and play Texas Speed and Rummy. Chess, Checkers, Yahtzee, and Sorry are some board games available. Anyone is welcome to bring their games to enjoy as well. 

Some days, Pokemon and Magic the Gathering fans will take over a table and battle it. Bring some cards, or find some to borrow, and join the fight. Both games have online versions for anyone who doesn’t own cards. Take care not to run out of Energy cards!

If someone gets nippy, a snack cart is coming soon to the club. Chips, sweets, and drinks will be available for club members. So bring some cash and pick up a snack. Chips, candy bars, and beverages will be available. We are looking for volunteers to help run the cart, and for every thirty minutes of working at the cart, the volunteer can pick up a treat for free.

Overall, Gamer’s Club is a simple yet entertaining way to spend two hours after school. So many people show up every week, and more are always welcome. So join us during Nerdfest and hang around.