Grocery Store List

Mia Kurowski, Contributing Poet

Grocery Store List

by Mia Kurowski


Blue pen ink, twisty ties, flower pot soil, mail, sunglasses, 

magnets holding up old pictures, 

and a grocery store list 

the blue pen ink stained on the list filled with apples, milk, 

eggs, candles, cake mix, and plastic forks and spoons for the party Friday 


One day the ink leaks and your world turns blue,

The grocery store list now pairs with “food with health benefits” internet google searches

The grocery store list is lost in a pile of get well soon cards, “add thank you for the cards to

the list,” can you even send thank you for the get well soon cards? 


Shorter and shorter the grocery store list gets as meals get left on doorsteps from friends who don’t know what else to do 

the grocery store list meant for meal planning is now for medicine runs 


The grocery store list is paired with scribbles of what the doctor said and when the last

medicine was taken 

You wish that the grocery store lists were simpler again.