Two Hats: One Comrade


Antonio “Comrade” Diaz dressed up as Karl Marx for Historical Figure Day.

Richie Benson, Staff Writer

I interviewed CIHS sophomore Antonio Diaz aka Comrade, to see why he wears his particular style of clothing, including his hat, which seemed inspired by Russian attire. Here are the following answers and questions that I got from the interview.

  1. Why does Comrade wear the hat with his clothing style?

Answer: Comrade wears it because he enjoys the unique style of clothing.

  1. Does Comrade always wear a hat?

Answer: No, Comrade takes his hat off at his house. During the Shower, he keeps his hat off. He does not wear his hat at church because he does not attend church. When he swims, he keeps his hat off. 

Does he wear his hat when dancing in North Dakota with prairie dogs: No, he has never set foot in North Dakota.

  1. Does Comrade wear a hat all year round?

Answer: Comrade wears a fur hat during fall and winter because it is cold. And he wears the light leather cap during spring and summer because it is humid. 

Do you ever take the hat off because of heat exhaustion? Yes, he takes the hat off when hot, but rarely.

  1. What is Comrade’s favorite thing about the hat?

Answer: Comrade likes that the hat matches the rest of his outfit. 

Explain the outfit: his Winter hat matches his coat, and his leather cap fits his plain everyday clothes.

  1. Does Comrade have a hat under his hat?

Answer: No comrade does not wear a hat under his hat.

  1. Does Comrade have some crazy hairstyle under his hat?

Answer: Comrade has a sort of slicked-back hairstyle under his hat.  

What hairstyle would you sport without the hat…Comb Over, mullet, mohawk… I would wear a comb-back hairstyle.

  1. Does Comrade wear the hat because he likes Russian attire?

Answer: Comrade likes the hat mainly because he finds it comfortable.  

Have you read Communist Manifesto? He has read the communist manifesto multiple times because he finds it intriguing.

  1. Does Comrade like Russian attire in general?

Answer: Yes, Comrade finds comfort and interest in the Russian clothing style.

Can you sing the Russian National Anthem? No, not on the top of his head, but he has heard it multiple times. 

Do you want to travel to Russia? Yes someday

What do you think of the invasion of Ukraine? He finds it to be another war for a nation’s bloodthirsty interest. And he believes it to be pointless and devastating to Ukraine.

Would you hang out with Putin? Probably not, because he is crazy.

  1. What are Comrades hats made of?

Answer: Comrades hats are mostly light leather.

  1. Where did Comrade get his hats?

Answer: Comrade got his summer hat from Florida while on vacation. And his winter hat was a Christmas present.

  1. How long has Comrade had the hat?

Answer: Comrade has had his winter hat for a few years and his summer hat for nearly a year now. 

  1. Has Comrade ever been to Russia?

Answer: No, Comrade has not been to Russia, although he has been to Hawaii. 

Did you look for a Hawaiian shirt with hammers and a sickle? He did not look for a Hawaiian shirt with sickles because he was too busy enjoying the heat.

  1. Does Comrade wear his hat even when he sleeps?

Answer: No, Comrade does not wear his hat when he sleeps.

  1. Does comrade ever take the hat off at school?

Answer: Comrade takes his hat off at school during Phy Ed.

  1. Does Comrade have Multiple hats like his Russian-style hat?

Answer: Comrade has only his Russian summer cap and winter fur hat.

  1. Does Comrade’s whole family wear Russian-style hats?

Answer: Only Comrade wears Russian-style hats in his family.

  1.  How many hats does Comrade have for each different season?

Answer: Comrade has one hat for spring and summer and another for fall and winter.

  1.  Is there anything inside Comrade’s hat?

Answer: No, Comrades hat has nothing inside, for it is just an average everyday interesting cap.