Link Crew explained by freshmen and leaders

Hailey Ahmann, Staff Writer


The Freshmen I interviewed had mixed views on Link Crew, and it was exciting to hear how they all felt about it. I asked a total of 6 questions to 9 freshmen.

Question 1: What were you expecting Link Crew to be like?

Most people I asked didn’t know what to expect. That or they thought it would be confusing and boring. Personally, I feel like that was caused by the lack of information given to us by the teachers in the middle schools. There wasn’t a lot they could tell us though, they told us everything they knew.

However, I do believe that it made Link Crew better. We didn’t know what to expect and everything that happened wasn’t told to us before. We didn’t have to worry about something living up to our expectations, and it made us more excited to see what was going to happen.

Question 2: What was your favorite part of the first day?

Almost everyone said their favorite part was meeting new people or seeing old friends. Anna Almquist said, “Getting to know my Link Crew leaders and my (Link Crew) group.” High school gives us amazing opportunities to meet new people and new friends.

Question 3: What happened (if anything) that was different from your expectations?

The most common answers I received, were that people weren’t expecting to do the Mock schedule or for Link Crew leaders to be as kind as they were. Lizzi Tabolitch responded with “The whole day wasn’t filled with icebreakers and I did have a lot of fun.” I thought the day would be boring and we would do a lot of icebreakers too, but when the day came I found that it was full of things very different from what I thought it would be.

Question 4: How did you feel about the activities set up on the first day?

There was a bit of mixed feelings on this, but most people thought they were fun. Abbey Rickardsdottir said “I thought they were fun! I was able to catch up with friends and meet new people.” I liked the activities set up. It felt like we weren’t actually in school, and we could meet some new people and learn from others.

Question 5: What did you think about the recent activity in the gym?

Though most thought it was fun some were disappointed, because they didn’t have time to finish everything. “The activity in the gym was OK. I preferred it when everyone was separated and not in a big group.” responded Maddy Peterson. I thought the activity was fun and something to do that changed up our schedules a little bit, however, I wish we would have had more time to finish. My group didn’t even get to start the human knot activity.

Question 6: What do you think of Link Crew so far?

People enjoy Link Crew. Almost everybody I asked said that they are liking Link Crew so far. Jackson Lindberg answered, “It’s a fun thing and I will be looking forward to future activities.” I personally am also looking forward to more activities. The activities can make a boring day a lot more fun. “I think it’s a good Idea. It really helped me the first day and all the leaders are really nice and helpful.” -Mady Neubauer.


I had planned on asking a few more leaders than the amount I got the opportunity to talk to, but I did get some very good responses from the two I asked.

Question 1: What did you expect of us Freshmen?

The two leaders I asked both had very similar answers. They both thought the freshmen would be both shy and excited. They thought we’d be loud with our friends, but quieter around the leaders. Miranda Coffman said, “I expected you guys to be excited, yet reserved. It’s a new school, and fresh new start but that can be very intimidating. So, I knew it would take some work to get you all out of your shells.” I feel like that could be true for a lot of people, but there are some freshmen who I assume weren’t so reserved or intimidated by the school.

Question 2: What happened (if anything) that was different from your expectations?

The leaders again both had similar answers. They both found that there were a number of uninterested freshmen and that the freshmen didn’t want to participate. The other leader I talked to wanted to remain anonymous, so they will be known as A. A answered, “Some of them wandered off and hid to avoid participating.” In my group I did see that happen a few times during our tour, but it wasn’t anything too major.

Question 3: What costume did your group have on the first day? Also what was the inspiration behind it?

Miranda Coffman-“Link crew leaders were police men and the freshman were convicts. I thought it was a funny idea. Plus, the bright orange made them easier to see if they got lost.”

A-“Hawaiian, it was just cute.”

Question 4: How did your group do with the human knot thing in the gym?

I found that both groups had people who refused to participate. Miranda answered, “Many of us completed the activity, but two of our group refused to participate.” My group all tried to participate, but we ran out of time after we got confused.

Question 5: How has your experience as a Link Crew leader been?

The leaders both find that Link Crew is fun for them. “I still really enjoy it.  It’s fun I get to help freshmen get used to the school and the first day is a blast not only for the freshmen but us leaders too.” Miranda replied. A said, “I love it. It’s very fun.” I’m happy that the leaders are enjoying Link Crew. It makes it more fun for everyone.


I think that both the leaders and the freshmen are going to have a lot of fun this year with Link Crew. We all are enjoying it so far, and everyone is looking forward to getting to know each other better. Plus we all are looking forward to more events with the Link Crew leaders.