Little Shop of Horrors

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Little Shop of Horrors

Hailey Ahmann, Staff Writer

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This year CIHS will be performing Little Shop of Horrors. After talking to the director, Mrs. Fahrni and a member of the cast/crew I, for one, am looking forward to seeing the play. The show ran November 17th-19th.

Interview with Mrs. Fahrni:

Q: What is a short description of the musical?

A: It is based on an old movie from the 1960s and it is also based off the Faust legend.

Q: How many hours a week have you guys been practicing?

A: At least 12 hours, but now that we’re getting closer to performing it’s been a lot more. We’ve been starting earlier. (Sidenote: I was really surprised by this, they don’t practice every day either so that’s a lot of time put into this.)

Q: What are you expecting this weekend’s turnout to be like?

A: We used to perform Thursday through Sunday, but we found that the Thursday performance wasn’t worth [it]. That means we should get more [people] out here this weekend.

Q: When did you become a director?

A: 36 years ago. (A director with that experience makes for an amazing performance)

Q: How have the new kids adjusted to being in the show?

A: Sometimes I forget that they don’t know all the [terminology]…  I believe I am the only teacher in the district with a theater degree, so I believe it is important to use the right terminology. However, sometimes I forget they don’t know it.

Q: How have the props come along?

A: Props have been tricky because it’s set in the 1960’s so some kids don’t understand all the props.

Q: What about the costumes?

A: Costume pieces have been good. There is a group of [kids] in the show that have really helped out with that.

Q: How many people are involved in the show?

A: I would estimate that there’s around 75.

Interview with a Cast Member:

Q: What’s your job in the musical?

A: I am a chorus member and part of the plant.

Q: Is this your first year or have you been in the show before?

A: It is my first year doing actual high school theater.

Q: Since it’s your first year would you say you’ve learned more from this than those who are returning from previous years?

A: I don’t know, but I’ve learned a lot.


Q: What has been your favorite part of this experience?

A: All the people in theater.


Q: What has practice been like?

A: Intense.


Q: What did you think about the show initially?

A: I thought it would be good and intense.


Q: How has that changed any?

A: It’s amazing now and still intense.


Q: Based off of how this year went, do you think you’ll do it again next year?

A: Absolutely.