Who Are You Know?

Marissa Gaslin, Staff Writer

Posers. They’re everywhere. There are people all over the place that pretend to be something that they’re not, who pretend to be someone they’re not. This can be a big problem, especially in high school. Why? Because in high school, you are still finding out who you are as a person, and how can you do that if you are doing things just simply because other people are doing it? If you look around our school, you will see people doing things, wearing things, and saying things that are popular, but if you observe closely, you will notice that these people aren’t even comfortable doing it. They aren’t comfortable because it isn’t them, and they don’t really like it.

For example, your stereotypical rapper from Compton with baggy pants, sideways or backwards hats, basketball shoes, loose fitting T-Shirts, and they walk like their pants are about to fall off and they’re too lazy to pull them up. (In my opinion, they are, but I personally have never been a fan of that style.) Now, look around our school and notice all the boys dressing and walking around like that, it isn’t just a cross-race thing though, many people do this. See what I mean? This isn’t really them, they just see it on TV or social media, and think to themselves, “Well, he looks like that, and he’s cool, so maybe I’d be cooler if I looked like that.” For some people, the results at school are positive, they receive compliments, and more people try talking to them. For others, they just get judged, because that look isn’t them and everyone knows it. You see, people like this are called “posers” as I referred to them earlier.

Another example is the huge country craze. Your average country boy, (I am fully aware I am using males for this article, but, you see women are criticized for these things just as much as I am criticizing the men, so it is not that I am biased, just happenstance) Is seen wearing cowboy boots, a baseball cap advertising a truck manufacturer, blue jeans, a t-shirt that is either plainly colored or has a design on it regarding the United States or hunting, and belts with big buckles. People get into things such as these for reasons that are simply insignificant. They are just considered cool, and it’s a trend that teaches people to be something other than themselves.

I too have fallen victim to this craze at one point, but this year, in my 2018, I am going to encourage everyone to try another strategy. People haven’t been themselves before out of plain fear that they will not be accepted for who they are. That just isn’t true. You can’t know if people will truly like you as a person unless you’re willing to face your fears and try. In order to be a strong, independent person, you must be willing to welcome your fears and face them head-on.

Being something you’re not just to please others, or to “fit-in” is overrated. People who look at you will never see the real you. It is said that those who do things to fit in are significantly less happy with themselves and the world around them. Do you really want to kick off 2018 by being something just because it makes others unhappy? Be yourself. Be heard. Make a difference. Don’t do something simply because others do it, or because you think you will be considered cooler. Most people do these things subconsciously. Consciously make the choice to be you.

Being yourself is the new cool. Call me cliché, but it’s true. I personally have more respect for people who seek to please themselves with their style rather than those who dress to impress. Impress me by being yourself.