Katelynn Lydon, Staff Writer

What is success? What defines it? Is it making money and becoming famous? Or is it the silent drive that you hide away till your dreams come true? Is it the moment you finally reach your goals after sacrificing your everything? The definition of success differs with each person it is set upon. And if failure comes after success is it really success at all?


Is school just a filter to help us better our understand the dreams we hold dear? Or is it a place to find and ensure a new success that will define us for the rest of our lives?


Success can drive us to do many things, but can it give us the thing we want most, the thing everyone is looking for? Acceptance in a society that is corrupted by the minds of other successful people.


Is college a definite? Something you do in order to keep your dream alive? Or was it someone else’s idea to paint your future for you. Take a chance and try something new. Would it be that bad to make new friends from an experience you never thought you’d get? College could be your only way to a better future, a better start to your dream.


Be a doctor, a police officer, a dancer, a singer, a writer, a caregiver, a school teacher, you can even be the president, be whatever you want to be, do something impossible so that others can have the courage to do the same.


This ‘success’ that elders and career supervisors always talk about, is it really worth it?


Yes, it’s worth fighting for a future worth living. It’s worth finding out what your capable of, the thought of being successful and wanted. The feeling of someone telling you ‘you did a fantastic job.’ The sense of success in your life, where you know you’ve done your best, and gave it all you got.


Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t do something. Take their words and make it a challenge you can thrive to beat. Make those words drive you to prove them wrong. Make them stand in awe of you, make them want to see you as their role model and maybe someday, someway you can be the icon for success.


So, start your future by getting ahead and plan how you are going to take your dream and make it grow into something more than you expected, something you may have never new was possible.


Make it a reality.