Let’s get to know Mr. Faust

Lets get to know Mr. Faust

Liberty Eastlund, Staff Writer

Q-Did you have a job before teaching? If so what was it?
A: First I worked in retail at Shopko then after a few years, I worked as a teacher in Mora

Q-Are you married and have any children?
A: I am married and “she is awesome” I do not have children yet.

Q-Why do you keep your hair long? Do you call your do the Faust?
A: I don’t like it being short, if it’s too short, it doesn’t cover a scar I have.

Q- Do you call your do the Faust?
A:Yes I do call it the Faust

Q-Did you have any pets growing up or do you have any now?
A: When I was growing up I had dogs a lot. I also had a goldfish named Eugine a few years ago, but he died.

Q-Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
A: “I see myself Probably still teaching”

Q-Why did you want to be a teacher?
A: I believe it is very important. I also love to hang out with kids all day. I like being social for 7 hours every day.

Q-How do you feel about most of our learning is turning into technology AKA: we use it all the time.
A: I think it is not good or evil but it’s how you choose to use it. It’s about the choices you make with them. I also like to teach people how to use the internet properly.

Q-What accomplishments are you proud in your lifetime?
A: One of my biggest accloplishemnts is becoming a teacher. My second accomplishment is being a director for the Lion King play.

Q-What’s your favorite thing to do out of teaching?
A: I like to help with Theater, I love to read, Play video games, and to travel

Q- Do you like teaching English or Math better?
A: English and Math. I miss what I don’t spend my day doing. I teach mostly 10th graders.

Q- What is it like directing the play?
A: I think its amazing because you spend months working so hard to make the play good. I also love getting good reactions from the audience like laughing,crying,etc because those are good things I like to see

Q- What’s your favorite Flinstone chewable vitamin?
A: I think Barney because he didn’t get enough screen time and he was a good guy and tried to be a good friend.

Q- Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings?
A: Harry Potter all the way! Im more invested in it but Lord of the RIngs is better written. I grew up in it and it was in 3 or 4th grade the first Harry Potter book came out and the last book came out when I was in my 3rd or 4th year of college. I had waited about 15-20 years to finish the series.

Q- Star Wars or Star Trek?
A: Star wars because I never got into Star Trek, the original Star Wars I had grew up on and I had memories of renting the growing up all the time

Q- Stranger Things or Goonies?
A: Stranger things because it has stuff in common with the Goonies.

One extra item he wants us to know is that he is very funny and is glad to be in Cambridge. He also loves helping with theater and the plays.